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Bajkowa Chata RULES

For the sake of having fun and spending your free time without any problems, we have drawn up the Rules.

  • An absolute ban on smoking on the premises.
  • In order for the houses to stay clean, please use slippers when in house.
  • The hotel day in Bajkowa Chata starts on the date of arrival and starts at 16: 00 and ends on the day of departure ends at 10: 00.
  • Arrivals before 16: 00 should be agreed in advance. In the event of a shortened stay for reasons beyond the control of Bajkowa Chata, the fee per stay is not refundable.
  • The settlement is made on the day of arrival in cash. The check–in and check–out shall be done in landlord’s presence.
  • Trash and other waste should be disposed of in containers, bags, located outside the house.
  • The night–time quiet period is from 22: 00 to 7: 00 in the morning. Please respect the quiet period and peace of other persons residing in Bajkowa Chata.
  • Visitors who are not checked–in guests are not allowed to stay after 22: 00 without a prior arrangement.
  • The Tenant shall bear full financial and legal responsibility for all kinds of damage to the equipment and facilities provided at the cottage, caused by the Tenant or his/her visiting guests. The available price list shall be the basis for financial compensation for damages.
  • We do not take liability for valuable items left within the area of Bajkowa Chata. Responsibility for all personal things left in the house remains with the Tenants of the house.
  • For fire security reasons it is prohibited to use electrical equipment other than provided in the house. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for electrical appliances and computers.
  • In case of non–compliance with the Rules, Bajkowa Chata may terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect, without refunding the costs incurred by the Tenant.
  • After the expiry of the period of residence the Tenant has the obligation to notify Bajkowa Chata about his/her departure to successfully pass the cottage over to the owner and receive the deposit refund from Bajkowa Chata’s personnel.
  • Please close the windows, doors, the entrance gate, because of sudden and frequent winds.

House cleaning is included in the rental price, provided that it will be passed over in the following standard:

  • swept or hoovered floor
  • washed, dried and orderly placed kitchenware, pots, glasses and other kitchen utensils
  • fridge clean and emptied of food
  • trash in all containers cleared off to waste bins outside
  • cleaned heating plate in the kitchen
  • cottage surroundings cleared of any garbage
    all the in–house equipment (chairs and tables, beds, etc.) should be left in their original places

If the house is not passed over according to the standard described in point 4, the cost of cleaning is 250 PLN, which shall be deducted from the deposit. 16. In the event of resignation from the stay in less than 60 days before arrival the prepayment shall be forfeited.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


1.Our visitors sends request booking through reservation system installed on the side  or via e-mail.

Availability of landlord confirms period and calculates the cost of your stay and The amount of the deposit.

2. Provided reservation a date is a deposit of 40% of total costs.

Reservation binds the two parties after the change, to the moment the reservation is not binding.

3.Other part amount due is payable on arrival at the hands of the employee Fairytale Cottage when receiving the keys to the cottage.

4. Any charges are payable to the bank account number which can be found at Web

5. In special cases, with the consent of the tenant, the landlord can define different The amount of the advance payment

and another deadline for payment of the second installment.

6. In the case of non-payment of the second installment within the above timeframe, the owner has the right to cancel the reservation and retain the advance payment.

7. We apply the refund of the deposit in case of cancellation at least 60 days prior to arrival.

It does not apply to: Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve

8. You agree to submit a security deposit in the amount of 500 PLN for the entire stay.

The deposit is payable in cash on arrival and returned in cash on departure. the landlord can specify a different amount of down payment and other deadline for payment of the second installment.

9. The deposit can loose in whole or in part in the cases described in the Rules of the House.

11. The stay begins on the first day of 4 pm. and ends the last day of the hour 10 am.

12. Early arrival of the cottages is possible after as much as possible, after confirmations.


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“Bajkowa Chata” Justyna Przybylska
Ul. Sądelska 129 A 34–531
Murzasichle, Poland. Tel: +48 515 616 260

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